6.1 Creating a Follow Up Message

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Step-by-Step Instruction

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”460″]Step 1 – From AWeber dashboard click Messages tab, from drop down menu select Follow Up Series
Step 2 – Click Create Your First Follow Up, this will be an immediate response to customers who submit a contact page
5.3 01
Step 3 – Select from a template or select Cancel to enter your own message confirming receipt of contact in text box
Step 4 – The toolbar of options above text box is not available unless you first click somewhere in the space outside of text box5.3 02
Step 5 – Drag and drop icons to add content to text box. For example Image can be placed as header, then select Upload File or Browse Image Gallery to add picture
Step 6 – Add sentence to line marked Enter your subject here. For example, Your upcoming party
Step 7 – If image is included, click image and enter descriptive text in Image Alt Text box. This will appear in case the image does not (customer not using HTML, etc.)5.3 03
Step 8 – Click Save[/text_block]

Module 6 Lessons

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