6.4 Managing Enquiries From Multiple Sources

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Step-by-Step Instruction

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”460″]Step 1 – Sometimes when customers search with keywords related to your business, comprehensive resource sites should in search results. For example, a blog for parents on childrens party ideas. Sites like this often allow you to list company details for free in their directory, or pay for higher listing
Step 2 – Log in to Google Analytics
Step 3 – From left side menu select Acquisition
Step 4 – Click All Traffic

5.6 01
Step 5 – Look at referral statistics to determine if site sends well qualified customers your way5.6 02
Step 6 – In AWeber view Sign Up Forms and choose one to make a copy of. Click Copy next to title5.6 03
Step 7 – Select Go To Step 2
Step 8 – Change name in Form Name
Step 9 – Click Go To Step 3
Step 10 – Click Sign Up Forms to view all different forms that feed into one list. For example, Master booking form[/text_block]

Module 6 Lessons

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