6.6 Testing It Works

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]You can try out AWeber for free for 30 days using this link http://www.magicianbusiness.com/aweber[/text_block]

Step-by-Step Instruction

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”460″]Step 1 – Test enquiry from other source by starting at source of your funnel. For example, Netmums
Step 2 – Click on your URL from source
5.8 01
Step 3 – Click title of your contact enquiry. For example Get a Quote
Step 4 – Fill out contact form to verify accuracy5.8 02
Step 5 – Check you email to see if immediate response was sent as intended
Step 6 – In AWeber click Subscribers
Step 7 – Confirm your test enquiry shows5.8 03
Step 8 – Click arrow next to name for drop down information
Step 9 – Under Subscription Source link will indicate where that form initiated5.8 04
Step 10 – Click Sign Up Forms to determine how many times for was viewed, submitted and the resulting Conversion Rate
Step 11 – Consider leaving yourself as a subscriber to confirm all auto responder emails arrive as planned
Step 12 – Cannot have more than one subscription to same list, so it may be necessary to unsubscribe. Click Subscribers, from drop down menu select Manage Subscribers
Step 13 – Click box next to test name
Step 14 – Select Delete
5.8 05
Step 15 – Continue to sign up through contact forms and delete as necessary to test[/text_block]

Module 6 Lessons

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